Our team has a combined experience in the flooring industry of nearly 475 years!!

Our Team

these photographs represent a combined experience in the flooring industry of nearly 475 years!! The vast majority of our employees have an average tenure with Crest of 25 years of service. Please consider that if you were having heart surgery, you certainly would demand a surgeon that is experienced…the same theory should be important to you when you purchase something as important as carpet, hardwood, laminates etc.
While we are all somewhat familiar with products such as grass seed, light bulbs, trash bags etc. (get those at the Home Center) you really should discuss your flooring needs with a Flooring Professional. With all the experience we have, all of us are indeed Flooring Professionals!


Jaime Alderfer team

Jaime Alderfer

Jason Alderfer team

Jason Alderfer

Jane Augustine team

Jane Augustine

Jeff Beahm team

Jeff Beahm

Christine Boty team

Christine Boty

John Bukics team

John Bukics

Tony Calcagni team

Tony Calcagni

Cheri Chinnici team

Cheri Chinnici

Jeanee Dennis team

Jeanee Dennis

John Diproperzio team

John Diproperzio

Pete Hanzlick team

Pete Hanzlick

Jim Kurtz team

Jim Kurtz

Aaron Marsh team

Aaron Marsh

Donna Oprisko team

Donna Oprisko

Cruz Sanchez team

Cruz Sanchez

Sue Troxell team

Sue Troxell

Christopher Wagner team

Christopher Wagner

Steve Weisberg team

Steve Weisberg

Cindy Weller team

Cindy Weller

Ralph Wilhide team

Ralph Wilhide

Stella Yorkey team

Stella Yorkey