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Coral Decor Inspiration

For your inspiration, white is all the rage in home design and fashion. That’s why Shaw Flooring named White Hot their color of the year for 2016. But white isn’t the only color that’s hot.

Try Coral

Coral is truly one of the “It” colors of 2015. You see it in fashion, you see it in art, and you definitely see it in homes. Small splashes of this vibrant color can instantly liven a room. Unlike popular corals of the past, the trend in 2015 is redder in hue, deep and rich and bold.

Add interest to your home with a


Bold, high contrast patterns complement small spaces, like a dining room. Or maybe you would rather have smaller, geometric designs. Subtle patterns such as Caress Stylish Art, which uses light and dark yarns in the same tone, can create a seamless, sophisticated look for larger rooms.

Patterned Carpet Inspiration

Transform your space with an

Area Rug

Small rugs look great on top of sleek hardwood flooring and can add a whole new dimension to the room, especially if they include rich colors, textures, or patterns.

English Royal Navy Inspiration: English Royal Navy remains a top color trend in the world today. It was Shaw’s color of the year for 2014, and it’s still going strong. Navy is a classic in every way. It offers timeless appeal. Think about it, the navy blazer is second only to the little black dress in terms of classic, effortless, style. And in your home, navy can offer the same universal appeal. Dressed up or down, navy can stylishly anchor a room in much the same way as black or a deep, chocolate brown.

Indian Ocean Teal Inspiration: Indian Ocean Teal is another color we love. It’s a deeper dive into the water colors that have made such a splash in today’s home décor. (Two water references in one sentence. Impressive, huh?) Actually, this rich color can serve as a bridge color between the cool, barely-there water colors so prevalent in homes today and the dark tones of always-classic navy. Notice how this rich color combines beautifully with navy in this lovely dining room.See More