Don’t Make The Big Box Store Mistake

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Floor covering is in my DNA…since I was 10 years old I would go to work with my dad whenever I could. I would spend every summer going out with the installers or hanging around the store doing whatever I could to help and to learn. For the past 59 years I have been a student of the industry. It’s a fact that most people buy floor covering every 8 to 15 years. With all the changes taking place in the industry and considering you probably don’t buy floor coverings every day, how are you to know what you should buy! The first step is to avoid the box stores…let me give you two good reasons why I say this.

The majority of box store employees are part-time and will end up working in various departments in the store wherever they are needed. When you can’t find what you’re looking for, you would hope that at least someone in an orange apron will be able to guide you to what you need! You’re about to make a major purchase for your home, you need to get what you pay for and you absolutely want the job to be done right. The individual in the flooring department may be a nice person, but are they experienced floor covering specialists? Most likely not…get to a local floor covering store where all they do is sell floor covering.

Box stores do a great job of creating incentives to motivate you to buy from them. “Free carpet installation, free removal of your old carpet and free furniture moving” is their latest enticement. We all should know that nothing is free. Yet we become motivated by the word free. But ask yourself “am I really getting all those labor services for free?” The answer is of course not! The Big Box Stores add $1 or more per square foot to the price of the carpet to cover the labor you think you’re getting for free! This doesn’t sound like a fair way to conduct business to me!

We’ve all learned in life that if something seems too good to be true…it probably is. At Crest Flooring we run our business on the same principles we’ve been practicing since 1952, “quality, integrity and service”. Creating incentives that trick our friends and neighbors is just not in our vocabulary. The average flooring experience among our employees is over 15 years and our installation crews are comprised of local craftsmen. Crest Flooring will make your next flooring purchase your best flooring purchase!

Steve Weisberg
Steve Weisberg

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