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2023 Trends

Color | Decor | Design

There are lots of flooring trends going on this year.

If you’d like a glance at some of the hottest flooring ideas, here’s a quick rundown.


Stone and wood looks. Natural styles and textures

  • Stone-Look
  • Natural-Look
  • Bold, Retro-Inspired


Grays, blondes, & whites are trending

  • Whitewashed
  • Grey
  • Light brown
  • Two-toned combinations
  • Darker cool shades


This year is all about getting creative with your flooring- unique patterns and larger sizes

  • Herringbone
  • Diagonal
  • Chevron
  • Hexagon
  • Wide Planks


All about authenticity- aged looks for hard surfaces; twists and patterns for carpet textures

Wood Flooring:

  • Distressed
  • Reclaimed
  • Wire-brushed
  • Hand-scraped


  • Frieze
  • Berber
  • Cut and Loop


Polished, Natural feels are in

  • Smooth and glossy woods
  • Matte or no-shine
  • Oil-like/natural-looking glow style option

Specific Trends

Combined Materials

  • Two or more flooring materials combined in one
    • Can be wood and ceramic, laminate and rug, etc.
    • Combination of hexagon tiles and wood is very common
  • Creative, contemporary way to set boundaries among different spaces 
    • Especially common for spaces with a merged kitchen and living room

Ceramic Tiles

  • Shiny ceramic tiles are popular in kitchens and living rooms 
    • Instantly modernizes the room
    • Makes rooms appear much more spacious
  • Textured or matte ceramic tiles are common for bathroom flooring
    • Still see shiny ceramic tiles in larger modern bathrooms

Sustainable Flooring

  • Flooring made of materials that are recycled, repurposed, and biodegradable 
  • Some flooring options that are environmentally friendly:
    • Wood
    • Natural plant-based carpets
    • Bamboo
    • Linoleum
    • Rubber
    • Wool (carpet)


Bold Colors

  • Opting for bright and vivacious hues to add a wow-factor to the room
  • For a cohesive look, choose a tone that complements the wall colors
  • Maximalists are opting for a contrasting colors so the carpet makes a statement

Contemporary Carpet Tiles

  • A classic functional solution: reimagined
    • New materials, unique shapes, and energetic colors
  • Recycled carpet tiles are an easy option
  • Provide design flexibility so you are not stuck with one pattern or color for an entire room

Decorative Borders & Trims

  • Add a unique touch to spaces